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Trophy Gallery :: SOS Ranch

Larry Toner came to SOS looking for a Wildebeest. That smile of success never gets old. Congrats.

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Kevin harvested this Oryx. Hope you have enough freezer space.

Kevin James harvested this 39 1/2” Oryx. Congratulations Kevin. Oct 2 21

Eli harvested this big ole Aoudad Jan 1st 2021. Look at that smile!!

Rhett Williamson harvested this awesome Sable Nov 10th. Beautiful Sable Rhett!

Bobby Gilliam harvested this great Whitetail Nov 11th. Congrats Bobby!

Troy Kaylor harvested this Blackbuck Nov 9th. Congrats Troy!!

Josh Fairchild harvested this great Red Sheep Nov 10th. Great job!

Keith Wood harvested this fantastic Whitetail Nov 10th. Way to go Keith!

Sam Bailey harvested this beautiful Axis on Nov 9th. Great job Sam!

Steve Bailey harvested this great Whitetail on Nov 9th. Congrats Steve!